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The toughest thing for 19-year-old Delfino about becoming famous wasn’t catching a big break, it was just getting to Hollywood.

Because while the future Roswell star knew she had the chops to make it as an actress, she had a tough time convincing her parents. Finally, after plenty of pleading, they let their little girl leave her Miami home for a six-month shot at Tinseltown, figuring she’d be back in short order.

But Majandra had other ideas. Within 60 days, she had an agent and her first film role, in Zeus and Roxanne. Then came a role on Tony Danza’s eponymous short-lived sitcom and the part of Maria on Roswell. Now, she’s got several movies under her belt–and more in the works.

While she has overcome real-life obstacles, her Roswell character still hits lots of bumps in the road. Her on and and off-screen love Brendan Fehr plays Michael, an alien being chased by the FBI and evil aliens. And now, a new girl, Courtney, has eyes for her guy. Whew!

Majandra, the nickname given to her by her sister (she won’t reveal her real name), was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and moved to Miami as a toddler. She is best friends with Samantha Gibb (the daughter of Bee Gee Maurice Gibb), and together they formed the band China Doll. They still perform on special occasions.

Read on to find out more about Majandra’s music, her relationship with Brendan and her feelings on…virginity.

From spacey92: How has your family reacted to your fame? Have they been super supportive, or do you see any jealousy forming between you and your siblings?

Majandra: My family is really cool–especially my older sister, who is so happy to see me finally doing something productive.

From jeezu: What is it like working with your boyfriend all day? Does this ever cause any problems? And what do you think of his tattoo?

Majandra: Brendan is my very best friend, and naturally, working with your best friend is great. I love his new tattoo–though I may have been the bad influence. I would like to apologize to his mother.

From ginna1123: Michael and Maria are my favorite Roswell couple. Please tell me they get back together in season two–he said he loves her, how can they not?!

Majandra: I ain’t giving anything up.

From kelrose: What’s a storyline you’d like to see happen? What has been your favorite episode?

Majandra: I’d like to find out that Maria is a vampire and her dad is really Lestat.

From roar56: You have such a cute smile and laugh. Where are you ticklish the most, and do you like being tickled?

Majandra: I am ticklish everywhere. Sometimes I like to be tickled, sometimes I don’t. It depends on who’s doing the tickling.

From jaysfan: Do you believe in aliens?

Majandra: Yes!

From pictureperfect: Who do you think is your cutest male costar?

Majandra: It would be a tie between Desmond Askew (Brody) and Brendan.

From rpooka: I love your hair. After seeing the season premiere with your long hair, I had to do a double take. Who’s that gorgeous actress? Wow, it’s Majandra. Who picks your wardrobe? Do you have any input? You seem to have great taste.

Majandra: The lovely Mimi Melgaard picks all of our fabulous wardrobes. Working with such a talented (and beautiful) broad leaves no need for any of the cast’s input.

From diasyb: I’ve heard a few of your songs online, and I think they’re quite brilliant. Are you releasing anything soon? Your lyrics are inspiring!

Majandra: Yes, I will be releasing a CD online very soon.

From isabel_vasquez: Do you have any advice for aspiring actresses such as myself?

Majandra: Find a good support group and strengthen your self-worth, because it’s all pretty much a fight against constant rejection.

From casey815: How far ahead do you get the scripts?

Majandra: Three or four days in advance, and that’s when I study.

From roswellian12: If you could visit one time period in history, what would it be and why?

Majandra: The late ’60s and all of the ’70s. The peace, the love, the happiness and the Beatles.

From kee87: Hi, Majandra! I love your work. You are one of my role models! How has being in Roswell changed your life?

Majandra: Roswell has changed my life because of all the amazing people I now know and can’t get enough of.

From sauvan: What do you think about Brendan’s statement that he still wants to be virgin?

Majandra: I love being a virgin, too. My thoughts are: It is harder for a girl to keep her virginity, because men put so much pressure on you, while boys get patted on the back for waiting.

From angel_cgg: Three months ago, I cut off all my hair. Big mistake. Now, I’m in the process of growing it out. I saw your hair grow during this season, and was wondering how you got through the in-between stages? My hair is driving me crazy!

Majandra: Whatever you may be feeling, don’t cut it!! That’s my advice on growing it out. Work with what you’ve gotten yourself into.

From liliacgirl: Has Brendan’s statement that he’s waiting until marriage to have sex affected your relationship? Do you both appreciate and trust each other more, and are you more comfortable with each other because of sex not being an issue?

Majandra: I’m only 19! Sex is not an issue.

From kinetix99: How fun is it making Roswell?

Majandra: Loads.

From starpriestess: How’s the recording going? Will all the tracks be as hauntingly beautiful, yet admittedly dark, as “Siren,” “Bruised” and “Tattoo”?

Majandra: I promise beautiful things.

From riophoenix: What films are you doing? Any dramas? Comedies?

Majandra: I finished Traffic about two months ago. It’s definitely a drama. The subject is drug trafficking.

From dfreespirit83: I just wanted to tell you, your hair looks gorgeous long and curly. I don’t know how your hair could have grown so fast, though–are you wearing extensions?

Majandra: The powers of the little green people were on my side.

From vesta: What brands of cosmetics are used on the show? Everyone always looks so polished. The lip colors are always fabulous.

Majandra: We use pretty normal stuff, ranging from Mac and Stilla to Bobbi Brown and Shiseido. I use a lot of Shiseido products.

From babyvulpix107: What do you like to do when you’re not taping?

Majandra: I like to sing, paint and make music.

From rain_5_2000: Your name is very different. Where does it come from, and what does it mean–if anything at all?

Majandra: My name was made up by my sister from my given name; it kind of stuck.

From ilovesalma: What type of music do you listen to?

Majandra: Björk, Nine Inch Nails, Fiona Apple, the Beatles, the Beastie Boys, Poe, Pantera and Black Sabbath.

From bren_maja_no1fan: Okay, everyone wants to know: What kind of boyfriend is Brendan? Sweet? Spontaneous? Romantic? What is the nicest, sweetest or most romantic thing he has done for you?

Majandra: Brendan is a great person to be friends with. He’s fun like a sleepover party.

From rufustee: Do you ever tease each other about who is the magazine-cover sex symbol of the week?

Majandra: No. It’s obvious that it’s me! I mean, hello?! No, I’m totally kidding–I’m definitely not the “pretty” girl on this show, so if there is ever any argument, I head to craft services to get me some food.


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