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By Natalie Kuchik


PZO: Throughout your acting and singing career, what has your ‘muse’ been to keep you going?
Majandra: Wow, I think it is basically I have no other choice, like I would be sitting on my ass all day. If nothing else, the world has to offer me is that it excites me, I guess the way it does.

PZO: Have you ever tried to change yourself to impress somebody?
Majandra: Maybe when I was like ten, I tried to stuff my bra. But then I realized that I would take the bra off, and I was still flat. <laughs> I stopped doing that.

PZO: Is your CD only available through the Internet or will it be coming out in stores soon?
Majandra: Right now it is only available through the Internet, and it also sells at Ameba music in LA. We are hoping to get it independently distributed throughout other places as well.

PZO: Do you plan on recording a full-length album?
Majandra: Yeah, definitely. This is all done with me and my producer, and the poor producer lives in a skyscraper office. It is literally me and these 2 boys from Whittier that put this whole thing together. Just the fact that we got this whole thing accomplished is like huge. A full record is a whole other feat.

PZO: Which do you prefer- movies, television, or singing?
Majandra: I’d say, well not singing, but singing songwriting first, and then movies, and I think television is kind of going to disappear. It’s done more out of curiosity, like I did a sitcom, so I’d never do a sitcom again. I did like a guest spot on another sitcom. Then I was like, okay, I don’t like the sitcom thing, let me try out the TV drama thing, then I tried that out. Not that I didn’t like it, but it was definitely just not the job for a girl like me. So now I am just going to go back to movies like I started off.

PZO: What type of movies do you prefer doing?
Majandra: You know what? Right now I am just concerned with working with like quality writers and directors. I do not want to go for the next surfer movie or whatever. I am not interested so much in the category, just in the people behind it.

PZO: I thought you were really good in Traffic.
Majandra: Oh, thank you.

PZO: What are the best and worst things about working on Roswell?
Majandra: The best and worst things. The best things I would say is the people we meet. That we work with every day, the behind the scene’s stuff and the drama and the happiness and all the crazy stuff that goes on behind the scenes. And I would say the worst part is, I don’t know, it’s hard to say. There is not really a worst part, that is kind of a difficult one. I guess it would be how crazy some fans get. The ones that really make fun of people on our show and go all out to ruin their lives and they don’t even know them. Stuff like that is really bizarre, and it’s never happened to me, but I have seen it happen to other cast members on our show. It is just like, please man. You can tell for instance Katie, they call her all these terrible things clearly because she is beautiful. So transparent with what it is about, but it is just so crazy.

PZO: Any embarrassing moments on the set of anything that you’ve worked on?
Majandra: You know what on Roswell there is none because everyone is so at ease, but I know there has to be. Oh you know there was one on Roswell, fifth season it was really embarrassing, well it is like a duel story. At first me and Brandon had been dating for a season, and his mother came into town, and Brandon comes from this very strict religion. Very crazy, very Christian their like into simplified living. His mother came onto the set, she’s only going to be two days in LA and it’s like surreal her son is like this TV actor and this all happened overnight. I am like this girl he is like interested in and blah, and first thing she has to see is him and I making out on the floor. I am like straddling him and it is awful. Then like a couple of months later his sister comes into town and has to see him and I making out. In the episode where aliens kiss the humans and give the humans orgasms. <Both laugh> So I had to fake this orgasm in front of his sister and the director kept saying to me (I had to also say “oh my god”) and the director kept saying to me, “Bigger on the oh, bigger on the oh, bigger on the oh my god.” So I kept saying oh really big like, “Oh my god.” I kept saying I don’t know how much bigger I can get on the oh, and I did the example for hi. And the director was like, “No sweetheart bigger on the orgasm.” Everybody around me started laughing, and they knew all the time, but I was like the idiot who was like, “Bigger on the what?” It was very humiliating.

PZO: What makes you smile?
Majandra: Right now, a lot of things make me smile. I would say my puppy.

PZO: If you could hang out with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
Majandra: Anyone in the world. I would have to say like half of me would say John Lennon for obvious reasons. Then the other half would say, even though I have hung out with him before my grandfather. Just because I have a different perspective now, so I think I would learn much more.

PZO: When Roswell comes to an end, will you want to focus on just your singing career?
Majandra: That first and foremost to write songs and get to sing them. Then probably some movies, things that I like.

PZO: Who is your mentor and why?
Majandra: My mentor, you know I hate it when people ask me this question because I don’t have like anybody.

PZO: Do you look up to anybody?
Majandra: I look up to certain parts of certain people, but there is nobody I entirely look up too. I am too much of a pessimist. I know that the people have faults. So I do not think anybody should be that looked up too. Let me think I know there has to be somebody. It’s like I don’t know them, but I look up to them. I don’t know, it’s really hard to say. It’s terrible that I don’t have anyone.

PZO: What is your favorite possession, and why do you love it so much?
Majandra: My favorite possession. Wow, I would have to say Boo Boo. Boo Boo is my stuffed animal that has been mine since I was a little girl and I am really still convinced that he is alive. So he’s not even a possession, he’s like my favorite person. I know that in the world he is a possession, so I would have to go with Boo Boo.

PZO: If you could travel back in time and change something that happened in your life, what would it be?
Majandra: I would say if I could travel back in time to change something, I would be too afraid to change anything. It is so everything depends on it and it is so plays a part in all the good things too. But I would say it would have been to be a little more disciplined in school and not just make straight A’s because I pulled it off, but to be actually be smart in something.

PZO: What song do you find yourself listening to a lot lately?
Majandra: I would say this song it is on the new Ani Difranco CD, the thing is I don’t know what it’s called. It is number four on the CD called Revelling/Reckoning and I believe it is on the rebelling CD and it’s the fourth song and it is so damn good.

PZO: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Majandra: I would say when people use the word sweetheart or honey in a condescending way. Nobody really is going to call you sweetheart or honey or darling, dear unless you are extremely close or comfortable that way. I feel like a lot of times people are like, “Sweetheart, turn the light off.” Or something like that and I so want to kick them in the teeth I hate it so much.

PZO: What do you think makes you different from everybody else?
Majandra: I don’t know, but I am sure everybody is so different from everybody else, not only myself. The different things they have seen and learned at different times. Nothing is too much of a thumbprint.

PZO: What do you think is the most important thing in any kind of a relationship?
Majandra: I would say number one is trust. If you don’t trust someone there is no reason to be around them.

PZO: Where do you go to get away from things?
Majandra: Miami, and that’s where I am right now.

PZO: People would be surprised to know what about you?
Majandra: People would be surprised to know what about me. I have no idea. That I had a boat. Oh, I know that I am not a real blonde. <both laugh>

PZO: What is one of your favorite lines in one of your songs?
Majandra: God I don’t know. What would my favorite line be in my favorite song? Let me think. Sorry if I am taking such a long pause. I’m thinking, I’m thinking. I am literally going through all the songs I have written in my head. That is a really tough question, but I will come up with one. I guess it would be, “How do I” . Can I say the whole thing?

PZO: Yeah
Majandra: “How do I begin to speak when actions measure true feelings, though your words may leave me weak your movements always leave me kneeling.”


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