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Born and raised in Miami, the daughter of Venezuelan and Cuban parents, Majandra Delfino, 19, began playing piano at the age of five and by the time she was 11 was singing in the all-girl quartet China Doll. After leaving the group, she paired with her best friend and began writing songs and performing as a duet. Before coming out to LA to pursue acting, she appeared in stage productions of Grease, Peter Pan and The Nutcracker. She currently lives in LA with her sister.


Plays the sexy and stylish Maria DeLuca on the WB’s hit show Roswell; will star in the upcoming horror spoof I Know What You Screamed Last Summer with Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Tom Arnold and Julie Benz; will appear in the indie film The Learning Curve and the coming-of-age drama Unglued, written and directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan.


Because the lusciously lipped Majandra is next in line to roll off the WB’s babe-maker and become a big-screen heartbreaker.

Playboy.com: Roswell is about aliens. Have you ever encountered one?

Majandra Delfino: No. But I definitely believe they are out there. We can’t be the only ones that exist. That would just be too egotistical to think that. They are up there looking down on us right now.

PB: You must get tons of freaky letters from your fans.

MD: Not too much. I get lots of letters from girls who love the show and love my character, but then there are the ones that come from the boys telling me what they’d do to me in bed and all. I had this one guy send me a condom with a note that said, “Save this because it’s for us when we meet.” I also get lots of gifts and stuff like that. Usually really sweet stuff. I try to send a head shot of myself and a note, too. But for security reasons I try not to get too personal. We’re advised not to disclose too much info.

PB: What’s one gift someone could send you that would make him or her stand out from the pack?

MD: Anything that has to do with Tim Burton. I love his movies. They are so cool, dark, quirky. I love all of them. Well, maybe that has something to do with the fact that I also love Johnny Depp.

PB: Does Roswell have a big cult following?

MD: Yeah. It doesn’t really surprise me, though. People get really attached to TV shows, especially when they deal with subject matter like ours. They begin to feel like they know you and that leads to some bizarre behavior. I remember me and my friends cried when My So-Called Life went off the air.

PB: Scary Movie was a huge hit this summer, and you are in the next big spoof movie I Know What You Screamed Last Summer. Are you ready for all the attention this could get you?

MD: That’s funny, because we shot that so long ago, before even Scary Movie, but they came out first. I don’t know when Screamed will be coming out. When I first read the script I thought it was so funny. But after we shot it we had to take out a lot of the jokes for legal reasons. We take potshots at all things, not just horror movies. I play the Jennifer Love Hewitt/Neve Campbell role. There were lots of scenes with lesbian insinuations and stuff like that which will probably get cut out, so we’ll have to see what kind of movie it becomes.

PB: What’s the one thing you can’t leave home without?

MD: My lip balm. I have big lips and they get dry a lot so I need my lip balm.

PB: I bet you had some wicked nicknames in high school because of your lips.

MD: Yeah, they called me “fish lips” and would make fish faces at me. But my mom always used to tell me that when I got older, people would be envious of my lips. And she was right.

PB: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten?

MD: When my publicist told me to always keep my shirt on at photo shoots. I’m so free and don’t mind being nude that it can get me in trouble. I did a shoot where I was on all fours, with no shirt on and little silver stars on my nipples with these really short shorts and people were like, “Wow, Majandra!” I think it’s really cool and all my friends from Miami were calling me and saying how great it was but I have to remember that I can’t always do that.

PB: What’s the oldest thing in your refrigerator?

MD: Nutella chocolate. I love the stuff, but I never throw it away when it gets old. I have some of it in my fridge that’s four to five months old. I put it all over strawberries and eat them constantly. It’s sooo good.

PB: What’s something no one can do in your bed?

MD: Eat and put their shoes on it. I don’t mind watching TV and hanging out on my bed but definitely no shoes!

PB: What did you dream about last night?

MD: I dreamed that my boyfriend was yelling at me because he wanted me to cook American food for him. Then I began running down the street with my sister and ran into a music store where it was filled with ballet shoes and guitars. He’s Canadian and there all the girls cook and the guys watch TV, but in Miami the guys and girls cook together and hang out, so that’s what that dream was about. And, well, the music store was my safe haven.

PB: Do you have any phobias?

MD: I hate germs: I can’t share drinks with people; I don’t like using public toilets. I can’t put my ass on a seat that thousands of others have sat on. Don’t people realize when they do that that they are getting all the germs from everyone who sat there before them? Eeeew! I also have phobias of sharks. I saw one once when I was out on my WaveRunner and was freaked out. Ever since I saw Jaws I’ve been that way.

PB: If you could hop into a time machine, who would you want to go visit?

MD: The Virgin Mary. I need to know the truth about the Immaculate Conception. What’s going on there? Always sounded kinda iffy to me.

PB: Anyone else?

MD: Adam and Eve. I gotta know why they ate the apple and ruined it all for us. I mean, I’d be happy running around naked playing with the lambs and lions. Sounds good to me.


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