12 Questions With Majandra


Majandra Delfino isn’t content to just work tons of hours on “Roswell,” nooooooo! This ambitious chick has also teamed up with two super-cool producers to record an album! And, in typical MD fashion, she’s doing it her way….

So as not to have to kowtow to a record label (as most new artists are forced to), Majandra has decided to try and sell 10,000 copies of her CD (the one she wanted to make) on her own website. Hey, she figures if she can sell that many she’ll be able to go to a label and say “Here ya go, the fans like it, let’s make this CD.”

So, keep your eyes on teenmag.com’s Daily Buzz column in November, we’ll be keeping you up-to-date on the launch of her site and in the meantime you can go to sci-filullaby.com to hear 3 tracks.

For now though, let’s get to know a little about our fave waitress from a little thing we like to call…


Q: What’s the one make-up or product you can’t live without?
A: The one thing I cannot live without would be black eyeliner. Just simple black eyeliner cause you can use it for anything really.

Q: What snack do you always give in to when you go to the movies?
A: I hate to go to the movies.

Q: What’s your idea of the perfect Sunday?
A: My idea of the perfect Sunday is going and working on my music with my way too sexy producer Anthony and coming home quite conceited from the fabulous sessions.

Q: Salty or Sweet?
A: I’m salty most of the time, and sweet when I feel like it.

Q: What do you wear to sleep?
A: I wear old fashioned slips to sleep and then I wake up and wear them for the rest of the day-oh yes, I do shower before I get into my bed-it’s a respect thing.

Q: In the car do you go for CD/Cassette or Radio?
A: In the car I go for CDs, radio AND cassettes. Mostly the current stuff I’m working on and the influences responsible for it.

Q: Tattoo or not to tattoo?
A: Well, considering that I write songs dedicated to tattooing and such one could gather that I might have a few tattoos-and yes I do. WHAT to tattoo is the question.

Q: Online shopping or mall/boutique shopping?
A: I like to boutique shop mostly, wherever I can find what I want is my policy.

Q: What was your best ever Christmas present?
A: A piano.

Q: What’s in your CD player?
A: My CD player is currently involved with Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, My own songs burned on a temp CD and a lot of Black Sabbath and Frank Sinatra.

Q: What’s your favorite ride at Disneyland/amusement park?
A: My favorite ride out of all the amusement parks would be the Haunted House, it makes me want to get out of my seat and roam through the scenery.

Q: Do you go online and if so, what’s your favorite site?
A: Yes, I go online my favorite site is HomeGrocer.com — I love vitamins.

Q: Aisle or window?
A: Aisle-if I pick. I would like to leave as easily as possible. Screw the scenery–after a while it’s all pretty much the same.


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