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OnlineHost: Majandra Delfino makes her television debut as one of the stars of NBC’s “The Tony Danza Show.” She plays Tony’s strong-willed oldest daughter Tina DiMeo. She also made her feature film debut this year in “Zeus & Roxanne.” She has also written and recorded songs with her best friend, Samantha Gibb (daughter of BeeGee Maurice Gibb) as a duet. Welcome to America Online!

AOLiveMC15: Welcome, Majandra Delfino!
AOLiveMC14: Welcome Majandra.
MajandraD: Hi!

Question: I’m an actress in Va. moving to NY in Dec. Where did you get your start? Did you know that a sitcom is where you wanted your start?
MajandraD: No, I never wanted to work on a sitcom. I was always told that my acting was more feature film acting. I got my start 3 months into acting with a local Miami agent. That’s when I booked a lead in a feature film. That connection hooked me up to LA, which hooked me up to “The Tony Danza Show.”

Question: Does it interfere with your education being so busy acting?
MajandraD: Well, I’ve only been busy for a year acting. So, not really. They’re very stressful on education and completing your work when working in a studio.

Question: What stars that you have meet impressed you the most?
MajandraD: I’d say Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Question: Do you ever wonder if you would want to be a super star or stay a teenager with no pressure?
MajandraD: I think there is more pressure in being a “teenager.”

Question: Do you get stage fright at any point in time in plays and tv tapings?
MajandraD: Never. I only get stage fright if I have to do something when it’s not rehearsed. But rarely, even that.

Question: Do you think you have a career in front of you on NBC?
MajandraD: I don’t think I’m far along in any of this to predict anything worse that might be true.

Question: Hi Majandra–I would love to hear your band live–any chance of a tour in the near future?
MajandraD: Well, I now sing by myself. Things are flourishing with that. So maybe there will be a near future performance. I’m playing the guitar right now!

Question: What type of role would you most like to play in a feature film?
MajandraD: In a feature film, a depressive.

Question: How do you like Tony Danza and the rest of the crew?
MajandraD: They’re all really great and really nice. I like them a lot.

Question: How did you go about landing your new role?
MajandraD: I booked a lead in a feature, went and got an agent in LA, auditioned for a couple of things and ended up booking one of them.

Question: Majandra: Have you recorded any of your songs? Does the Tony Danza Show leave you time to keep up your song writing?
MajandraD: Yes, it gives me a lot of time to keep up my song writing. As long as I have the emotions I have, I’ll always have time to write songs. I haven’t recorded any of my songs yet, but will be in the near future.

Question: I think you are very beautiful, and have a lot of talent, are there any movies you are working on, or that are coming out in the future?
MajandraD: No, just the sitcom and music stuff is what I’m working on at the time.

Question: What do you like most about Tina?
MajandraD: I like her the most because she’s emotional and she is to me what I feel is the most real character on the show. She’s the closest I’ve seen to any teenager on any TV show portrayed.

Question: Do you think you will ever try to pursue a career in music, or will you try to stay with acting?
MajandraD: I think since music is what I started off with, it will always be in me. I don’t know if I want to choose. But as of now, I’m doing both.

AOLiveMC15: Majandra, lots of people want to know how they can send you fan mail?
MajandraD: Majandra Delfino, c/o The Tony Danza Show, NBC TV, 3000 West Alameda Avenue, Burbank, CA 91523

Question: How cool was it opening for the Bee Gees? πŸ™‚
MajandraD: It was very cool not only opening for them, but getting to sing a number with them which we did after their show was finishing. Of course, the music I write is very different from that of the Bee Gees. But they are legendary artists, which is a great honor.

Question: Do you drive yet? If so what kind of car do you have?
MajandraD: Yes, I drive. And I do not have a car — yet.

Question: Does your first name have any special meaning?
MajandraD: My first name is an adaption of my full name, which is Maria Alejandra. I found that out that in Hindu or some other language of that kind, it means “blue moon.” But I found that out, of course, a lot later.

Question: What have you learned about acting by working with Tony Danza?
MajandraD: I’ve learned a lot about comic timing and everything there is to know about really being on a sitcom.

Question: Hey, welcome and have a happy Halloween. So, Do U like being an actress? And how hard is it to get into showbiz?
MajandraD: I love being an actress, or else I wouldn’t be being one. It’s pretty hard to be in show biz. It doesn’t come easy like it has for me.

Question: Who are some of your all-time favorite musicians?
MajandraD: Fiona Apple, Sarah McLachlan and Ani DeFranco and Portishead.

Question: Can you tell me if your character is anything like the real you?
MajandraD: No, not at all. She’s a younger of a person.

Question: Is Tony Danza as Hot as he looks in person than on T.V.?
MajandraD: Yes, he is.

Question: How does it feel to be a teenage Star?
MajandraD: Well, it doesn’t feel any different than being not a teenage “star.”

Question: What was it like doing your first big screen movie?
MajandraD: It was really exciting and not at all what I expected.

AOLiveMC15: How was it different than you expected?
MajandraD: It wasn’t glamorous. It required waking up at 4 in the morning almost every day and it ruined the whole aspect of seeing movies and believing them for me.

Question: Hi Majandra–you have looks, talent and brains–have you ever been anyone’s dream girl? You’re mine. πŸ™‚
MajandraD: No, I don’t think I’ve ever been anyone dream’s girl although I was complimented once as being the only fairy on this universe. But as far as dream girl, never. Thank you.

Question: What is a typical work day like for you on the Danza Show?
MajandraD: I wake up, go to school at 8:00, start work at 10:00, rehearse on a set and every time I’m not on the set rehearsing, I’m at school. I get out at 2:30 sometimes. I get out at 5:00 sometimes.

Question: How’s your relation with Samantha Gibb? Do you guys still perform together?
MajandraD: No, she’s just singing with her brother. I think it’s in the Gibb family to sing with your siblings. But she and I are best of friends. She’s like my sister.

Question: If you had the chance to go online and chat with anyone you wanted – who would it be?
MajandraD: MattFemm22

Question: What do you think are the qualities that make for good acting?
MajandraD: The ability to be natural and tap into your emotions whenever you’re told to.

Question: What has been your most embarrassing moment since being an actress?
MajandraD: Well, one day I was running around in my high heel wardrobe shoes, and I tripped and ate it.

Question: What were your hobbies when you were young?
MajandraD: God, I had so many. I danced ballet for about 5 years. I ice skated for a year. I’ve been taking piano for about 11 years. And I sing, always.

Question: Is this a new experience for you being online like this, and how do you like it?
MajandraD: I think it’s great, and yes it is an experience.

Question: What will your music album be called?
MajandraD: Sap

Question: A TV show is a great place to launch a music career. Any chance you will be singing on the show?
MajandraD: No, I feel that a sitcom has a level of certain realness and my music is a lot more emotional and dramatic and bold — too bold — to be sung on a sitcom. But whether they’ll use my voice on another song, I’m sure that will probably happen. But my song is not of a happy-go-lucky teenager, which I am supposed to play on my TV show. It would basically be out of my character to be playing such music, because my character is a lot more naive than myself.

Question: Who is the most influential person in your life?
MajandraD: My boyfriend. I write all of my songs about him.

Question: Are there any social issues you want to address while working on the tv show with Tony?
MajandraD: I would love to address equality, you know — in every sense. Race, preferences and everything. I would love to enforce on the show and try to set an example for viewers that acceptance is what we should all strive for.

Question: Do you like working on a theater stage or on a live set better?
MajandraD: A live stage.

Question: Are you planning to go to college? If so, where are you thinking of?
MajandraD: Yes, I am planning on going to college. And I’m thinking of NYU.

Question: How much time is taken up per week actually working on the show?
MajandraD: Every day of the week, and more hours in school than the average school time.

Question: It seems your parents were skeptical about you breaking into the acting business. Are they surprised things are moving so quickly?
MajandraD: Yes, they are very much.

Question: What was it like the first time you were recognized and asked for your autograph?
MajandraD: It was a little boy and he came up to me and asked me for my autograph. I was like, “ohohohoho . . . very funny.” I turned around and he said, “No, I’m serious!” I just thought this kid must be crazy.

Question: You ever go back to Venezuela?
MajandraD: Every year to visit my father. Once every year.

Question: Have you ever considered trying Broadway?
MajandraD: Never. My acting method is not very overt, which is required for Broadway. My emotions and ways and actions and the way they are portrayed are subtleties which are required for film.

Question: Do you like Los Angeles?
MajandraD: MadFemme – No. I hate it. I want to go home and be with my boyfriend.

Question: What did you think the first time you saw yourself on the big screen?
MajandraD: Well, everyone has sort of made this other character out of me. This Majandra person, that when I saw myself, I didn’t think it was me. I still don’t to this day, because in reality it’s not. It’s another character.

Question: Have you ever thought about being a model because you are so pretty?
MajandraD: No, never. I hate pictures.

Question: What are some of the TV shows and films you loved when you were growing up?
MajandraD: “The Last Unicorn,” “The Sea Prince and the Fire Child,” and all of the Rainbow Bright movies. I’m not much of an intellectual.

Question: Do you miss Miami at all?
MajandraD: Yes. So much and I miss you.

Question: Do you have any favorite sports teams?
MajandraD: No. I hate sports. But I’ll tell you my favorite musicians.

Question: What advise would you have for someone that wanted to get into acting but was only 15?
MajandraD: Well, I was 15 but my advice is don’t do it unless you’re really tough and have really supportive parents. If you don’t have that, wait and build your self-esteem. Then, go for it because you’ll get more than rejected no matter how good you are.

Question: Do you think Hollywood’s portrayal of women has changed in recent years? And if so for better or worse?
MajandraD: Well, I think the portrayal that a lot of woman have in Hollywood is mostly their fault and not Hollywood’s fault. If they are asked to do something that is degrading to woman, they have the choice of saying yes or no. The fact that a lot of them say yes have made the portrayal of woman in Hollywood what it is. It can’t change until we put our foot down.

Question: Did you enjoy spending so much time in the water in your last movie?
MajandraD: Well, if you see the movie, you’ll notice I was never in the water. But I did have a lot of fun in the Bahamas swimming and being with the dolphins. It’s second nature to me to be in the water.

Question: What was it like to work with a dolphin?
MajandraD: Well, it was actually quite amazing because they’re such large and powerful mammals. But they’re so gentle that it was shocking for me.

Question: Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
MajandraD: Probably as a struggling musician married, living in some apartment in Miami and having either writing songs for other people or being a singer myself.

Question: How many seasons would you want the show to last?
MajandraD: Well, however many it was meant to. I don’t want to mess with that.

Question: I imagine you love musical theater. Is there a particular role you have always dreamt of playing?
MajandraD: Actually, I don’t really like musical theater that much. I don’t like that style of singing or acting, because I believe in subtleties. But I love the role of Mimi in “Rent.”

Question: When you look at people, do u judge them on their looks or personality or do you not judge them at all?
MajandraD: Well, for romantic purposes, I must say that I was attracted to my boyfriend because of the way he looked. I saw him in school and thought he was cute. In general, I must say I like people because of their personality. If my boyfriend didn’t have the personality he had, he would have been gone. I think personality is important. And I hate more than anything when people judge you on your choices because someone may not have the physical attributes of magazine status. That really bothers me.

Question: Do you think of yourself as a role model?
MajandraD: I would like to be a role model and I think I have possibilities of being that. I say a lot of bold things, and it takes a role model to express these things. But whether people will follow that, I have no clue.

Question: What do you do when you face a musical block?
MajandraD: That’s a good question. I sit there and contemplate on how I’m doing things badly and things are not going well, and then the block is gone. I try to overcome the block with emotional intelligence.

Question: When you get married will you give up acting, or be a working mom?
MajandraD: I will be a working wife. I do not think I will be a mom until a long time, if I will be one at all.

Question: What are your pet peeves?
MajandraD: When people say, “Oh, she’s such a teenager.” I hate that because I happen to know that I’m not. I don’t fit the cliche of a teenager. How can I be described a teenager if I’m upholding a job that 30-year-olds have to deal with? Explain that? Another pet peeve of mine is when people question my actions and start bringing them down.

Question: I see that you were in Peter Pan in school . . . so was I! Which role did you play?
MajandraD: I played Wendy one year, and then the next year we did a modern version and they made me Tinkerbell, and I got to fly.

Question: Are you proud of all your accomplishments?
MajandraD: Well, I wasn’t proud of them until my boyfriend basically made me realize what I’m capable of. But I have much more accomplishments in my book. If you know what I mean.

AOLiveMC15: Thanks for joining us in Oldsmobile’s Celebrity Circle tonight, Majandra Delfino! Any closing words for us?
MajandraD: Majandra Delfino, c/o The Tony Danza Show, NBC TV, 3000 West Alameda Avenue, Burbank, CA 91523, Write to me, and thank you. Bye!

AOLiveMC15: Thanks to our audience for joining us tonight and sending in lots of great questions! Good night, everyone.

AOLiveMC14: Nite all!


Majandra Delfino makes her television debut this season as one of the stars of NBC’s “The Tony Danza Show.” On the series, Majandra plays Tony’s strong-willed oldest daughter Tina DiMeo.

“Tina is a very emotional, driven girl with a good head on her shoulders,” says the actress. “She’s somewhere between being an adult and a child. She’s adult in the sense that she’s not naive, yet she’s hurting from the separation of her parents. ”

This year has been a memorable one for 16-year-old Majandra. In addition to nabbing her role on “The Tony Danza Show,” she made her feature film debut opposite Kathleen Quinlan in “Zeus & Roxanne,” a family film about a dolphin and a dog. For her role as Judith, Majandra had to learn to snorkel, pilot a boat and interact with her animal co-stars.

The daughter of an Italian entrepreneur and Cuban-American homemaker, Majandra was born in Caracas, Venezuela but moved with her family to Miami at the age of three. Two years later she began taking piano lessons and at 11, she joined an all-girl quartet called China Doll that specialized in Latin American and American pop songs. After two years, she and her best friend Samantha Gibb, daughter of BeeGee Maurice Gibb, left the group but continued to write and record songs as a duet. Most recently, they opened for a BeeGees concert at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach, in a concert to raise money for Alzheimer’s research.

While growing up, Majandra excelled in academics but gravitated toward the performing arts. She enrolled in ballet, singing and acting lessons, and soon began performing in school plays and community theater productions of “Grease,” “Peter Pan” and “Oliver,” as well as “The Nutcracker” with the Miami Ballet.

Majandra’s mounting desire to become a professional actress dismayed her parents, who gave her a six-month deadline to test the waters. Within two months, she landed “Zeus & Roxanne,” after being accepted at the New World School of the Arts and finding a local agent. However, since production on the film included a nine-week stint in the Bahamas, she opted to spend her sophomore year in a private prep school.

Majandra is currently enrolled in all advanced placement high school courses and notes her favorite subjects as being math and English.


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