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AOLiveMC1: Let’s give a big and warm welcome to Majandra Delfino!
Majandra Delfino: Hi, everybody! Welcome!

AOLiveMC1: Are you ready to field some questions from your fans out there?
Majandra Delfino: I’m ready!

Question: Hey, Majandra! My name is Deana, and about 3 weeks ago I sent you a letter. I was just wondering if you get fan mail and ever write back?
Majandra Delfino: Yes, I get my fan mail, and yes, I always write back!

Question: What is the atmosphere on the set of “Roswell”?
Majandra Delfino: It’s just like high school. Actually, more fun than work!

AOLiveMC1: For those who aren’t completely familiar with the TV show, can you give us a brief synopsis of what the show is about?
Majandra Delfino: It’s about high school students in Roswell, New Mexico who are confronted with something that might be linked to the 1947 crash.

Question: What was it like to open for the BeeGees? Are your albums or album available?
Majandra Delfino: When I opened for the BeeGees, I was singing with my friend, and it was a lot of fun. Keep in mind that one of the girls who sang with me was a friend of mine. My boyfriend is the son of one of the lead singers in the BeeGees. So it wasn’t that exciting, since I see them every day. No, I don’t have an album out yet.

Question: Do any of the cast members treat you weird because you are the youngest on the show?
Majandra Delfino: No.

Question: Who do you hang out with the most off the set?
Majandra Delfino: Brendan and Katie.

Question: I love your name! Is it true that your sister couldn’t say your real name, so you changed it to Majandra?
Majandra Delfino: She called me Majandra, so that’s what I go by.

Question: How should someone who is just 17 get started in the business if they don’t live near LA or New York?
Majandra Delfino: They audition in Miami, too.

AOLiveMC1: Majandra, how did you get your big break?
Majandra Delfino: I landed a lead part in a feature film, “Zeus and Roxanne.” It was my first job ever, and it got me out to LA.

Question: Are you going to be singing on the show?
Majandra Delfino: Yes, but not my material.

Question: Tell us what a day in your life is like.
Majandra Delfino: Work! Working hours on the set.

Question: Who is the practical joker on the set?
Majandra Delfino: Me!

AOLiveMC1: What kind of practical jokes have you done? 🙂
Majandra Delfino: Oh, millions! I’m just downright obnoxious!

Question: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Majandra Delfino: Nothing! I don’t like to think about the impossible! Personality-wise, I guess I would change my amount of giggles!

Question: Majandra, do you see all the “Roswell” related websites on the net? I myself am on a mailing list that loves you!
Majandra Delfino: I try to, but I haven’t seen any ones that love me!

Question: Does your family still live in Miami? Do they visit you a lot? Or do you go to Miami any chance you get?
Majandra Delfino: My family moved to LA with me, but I visit my grandparents and aunt and uncle in Miami a lot.

AOLiveMC1: What kind of differences have you noticed between LA and Miami?
Majandra Delfino: LA is a lot more suburban. Miami is a lot more urban and cultural. LA is much more segregated culturally.

Question: Do you believe that the crash really happened in 1947?
Majandra Delfino: Yes, I do.

AOLiveMC1: Have you done a lot of research into that famous crash?
Majandra Delfino: No, not really. My character isn’t really into the UFO scene, so there was really no need.

Question: Please tell me that Maria and Michael get back together! You and Brendan have such awesome onscreen chemistry!
Majandra Delfino: Yes, we do, but it’s a secret!

Question: What do you think of all the awesome reviews “Roswell” has been getting?
Majandra Delfino: I love it! I couldn’t be more happy!

Question: Did you know that “Roswell” was going to be an awesome show?
Majandra Delfino: Yes, that’s why I took the part!

Question: Is there any actor you would want to work with in the future?
Majandra Delfino: Actually, Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer. Also Mike Myers!

Question: Do you have online? If you do, do you come on a lot?
Majandra Delfino: Yes, I do, but I never go on.

Question: Hey, Majandra! All right, so straight up, who do you think is better looking, Max or Michael?
Majandra Delfino: Michael!

Question: What are your thoughts on the Michael/Maria relationship?
Majandra Delfino: I think it’s fabulous!

Question: Was it difficult to do those make-out scenes with Brendan?
Majandra Delfino: It was not difficult when we’d actually be doing the scene, just before and afterwards, it was a little uncomfortable. One of the days his mom was in from out of town.

Question: Do you want to act your whole life? What are your plans for after “Roswell”?
Majandra Delfino: I try not to look that far ahead in the future, but college sounds nice.

Question: What makes you laugh, and do you have any ticklish spots?
Majandra Delfino: A good sense of humor makes me laugh, though I can’t really explain what kind. It’s definitely a particular one, though. And I’m ticklish everywhere!

Question: Majandra, when did you first become interested in acting?
Majandra Delfino: I was 15 and I thought, wow, that would be cool to be in a movie and act. I went out then and tried getting myself a movie!

Question: Brendan mentioned in an earlier chat that you gave him some pointers on the kissing scenes. How would you rate him as a student?
Majandra Delfino: I’d say he learns well!

Question: Hi, Majandra, I’m Erin and I’m a *huge* “Roswell” fan. I wanted to ask you, what was the funniest/most embarrassing thing that ever happened on the set?
Majandra Delfino: I’d have to say when, in the future episodes, there’s an instance regarding Maria’s bra. That was embarrassing, but eventually you learn not to be embarrassed by anything.

Question: Who or what are you a fanatic of?
Majandra Delfino: I’m a food fanatic! And I love chocolate!

Question: Hey, Majandra. What high school did you attend in Miami?
Majandra Delfino: New World School of the Arts.

Question: Being that Latinos are making a mark in Hollywood (through music and acting), what mark would you like to make as a young Latina? Viva Mi Mente Latina!
Majandra Delfino: I’d just like to be established as a Latin, because a lot of times people want to hide that fact. I’m light-skinned and light-haired, so people don’t always know. They think my look will anger some Latins out there.

AOLiveMC1: We have time for one last question for Majandra: what are you doing for Christmas?
Majandra Delfino: Going home to Miami!

AOLiveMC1: Majandra, thank you for taking time out of your day to be here with us on AOL. Any final remarks for your fans out there?
Majandra Delfino: Thank you! It’s always my pleasure! And thank you, everyone who showed up!

AOLiveMC1: Thank you again, Majandra. And thanks to the audience for attending. Until next time, AOL. Good night.


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