Majandra Delfino: Co-star of “Roswell” and “Traffic”

17 presents actress Majandra Delfino, star of “Roswell.” Delfino discusses working on the set of her hit WB TV show, and her role in the film, “Traffic,” starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. Welcome to a chat with actress, Majandra Delfino, star of one of this season’s most talked about television series, the WB hit “Roswell.” Send in your questions for Majandra about the success of the first season and what to expect from the final episode that airs on Monday, May 15th!, The Entertainment Network, is the online connection to the worlds of music, movies and games. Shop here for all of your favorites! Welcome, Majandra Delfino!

Majandra: Hi, everyone!

Mimidean: Does your first name have a special meaning?
Majandra: I found out after I was named, and different from what my parents believe, that my name means Blue Moon, I believe, in Hindu. But that was not done on purpose.

Heehee02: What role did you originally try out for?
Majandra: The role of Liz Parker.

Jackson: Are you a science fiction film fan?
Majandra: In a sense. They always, like, astound me, but I’m not a big film fan in general. But if I had to pick a category, I would definitely say it was Science Fiction.

Dilbert: What project have you enjoyed the most and why?
Majandra: I would say the very, very most was, “The Secret Life of Girls,” simply because I made a lot of friends in that and I just had a lot of fun ’cause all I did was work, and that’s my favorite thing to do.

Nancy: Where do you film “Roswell”?
Majandra: Los Angeles, at the Paramount lot.

CO-Vince: Do you believe in extra-terrestrials?
Majandra: Yes, I do. I have some sort of a belief in it.

Chalupa02: What do you like most about “Roswell”?
Majandra: I guess I would say just having the job is a lot of fun. Just having the job. Getting to do that every day. In acting, work is when you are trying to get a job, and the payback is when you actually have a job. That’s what is pleasing about it.

Butterfly 12: How is it like working with Jason Behr and Shiri Appleby?
Majandra: It’s a lot of fun. I get along with Shiri really well, and Jason is really funny.

Sylvia: Did you ever expect the show to be such a success and develop such a following?
Majandra: I expected it to be more of a success, but I am really glad to see the following that developed. But rating-wise, and just considering how critically acclaimed it was, I expected it to do much better in the ratings.

Kayross: Do you have any funny stories from the set of “Roswell”?
Majandra: There are so many! This is really difficult. Let’s say Jason is doing a scene, and at the end of the scene, he is written to walk into a classroom and the scene stops there. Collin and I will go into the classroom and do something really stupid so when he walks in, he is thrown off. It’s really stupid, actually, but this is what we do to each other.

Liz-n-Max-luvr: If there is another season of “Roswell,” are they thinking about pursuing the Michael-Isabel relationship?
Majandra: I have no clue. They just write the stuff and we have to do it. I have a feeling they are not going to, because the whole moral of the story is do you choose your destiny or is your destiny what is in your heart.

CO-Vince: I see that you have your own website. Do you get a chance to read all your e-mails, or are they filtered?
Majandra: I guess they are filtered, because I don’t have an official web site and have never been told that I even get email.

Kit300: Has the WB made a final decision whether or not “Roswell” will get picked up for next season yet?
Majandra: I have no clue.

Butterfly 12: What inspired you to become an actress?
Majandra: I just thought it would be something interesting to do. I kind of got thrown into it, more than dreaming about it, although I tried to do it. My goal only consisted of doing a movie. But once I did that movie, it threw me into a lot of other stuff. And through working, I realized that I enjoyed acting.

TrippyKitty: Does everybody get along with each other from the show?
Majandra: Yes–a little too well. Like we can’t concentrate sometimes, ya know?

Sexychic913: What is gonna happen to Max? Is your boy gonna hook up with his sister?
Majandra: Max isn’t my boy. Michael is my boy, and all that happened was that they discovered why they were put on earth. But whether they are going to carry through with their destiny is up to them. Basically, Michael’s feelings are in too deep to carry through with this destiny, and so is Max’s feelings for Liz.

Simon: What are you doing this summer?
Majandra: I’m going to be filming this movie called “Traffic,” starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. And then, hopefully, going back to do another season.

Sarahslight: If there was any film that you could be in or story you could remake, what would it be?
Majandra: “The Princess Bride.”

Specularity: What was it like working with Tony Danza?
Majandra: It was the coolest! I have never enjoyed an adult more than Tony Danza. He was the sweetest, funniest, just coolest man I have ever met, let alone worked with.

CO-Rachel: Maria, what advice do you have for teenagers who want to embark on a career in acting?
Majandra: Just have very supportive parents, because there’s a lot a lot of rejection involved in acting. If you don’t have a stable family situation or a stable mentality, in general, it is very easy to get down and take it all personally, take it out on yourself, and become an insecure person and take the rejection personally. I was told by this really great woman who was an actress in theater that it is like a vacuum cleaner. You have to view it like you are selling vacuum cleaners door to door. It’s not necessarily that they don’t like you, but you don’t have the vacuum cleaner for their needs. That’s the best way to put it.

Kya 01: I really like the show. I watch it every week. I was wondering if you know how long it’s scheduled to go on for?
Majandra: Well, we are done with our season, and we are waiting to see if we will be picked up.

Michael-N-Maria: Can you give us any spoilers for the season finale of “Roswell”?
Majandra: There are more out there. Go get it! Unfortunately, we’ve come to the end of our chat. Thank You, Majandra. It’s been a pleasure having you here. Any final thoughts you’d like to leave with us?
Majandra: Believe. Thank you, Majandra, for joining and Talk City to discuss “Roswell” and your upcoming films!


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