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Later Days

Role: Pam Young
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: March 20, 2021 (USA)
Budget: $1,000,000
Gross: -
Running Time: 1h 30min
Directed by: Brad Riddell, Sanford Sternshein
Written by: Brad Riddell, Sanford Sternshein
Produced by: Brad Riddell, Sanford Sternshein
Cast: David Walton, Majandra Delfino, Audrey Francis, Jason Boggs, Geno Walker, Cesar Jaime, Robyn Coffin, Alex Kumin, …


Pam is close to finishing a huge deal that will define her career. All she wants for her birthday is a nice meal, sexy time with her husband, Mike, and then to get back to work. Too bad Mike didn’t get the memo. He throws a huge 80s-themed Prom Party for Pam and EVERYBODY from high school comes – in costume, and with all of their old crushes, grudges, and nostalgic baggage.

Pamela Young ...

is a cooperate lawyer, a mother of two sons and a wife. She loves her family but she also really loves her job, sometimes a little bit too much which can cause trouble at home with her stay-at-home husband Mike with whom she has been together since high school. Pam is very determined and goal-oriented, working hard to achieve everything she sets her mind to which often means not being able to just let go and enjoy life which she learns throughout the film.

Best Quotes
Pamela said...

No, you go to the bathroom and put on the frickin' dress.

Richard, I peed in my office for you.

You know what, I don't care what your friends say about you, I think you're pretty great.

Serious as a cease-and-desist.

A... We were a bunch of shallow dicks in high school. And b. Dressing up in our shallow dick uniforms is just gonna remind people of c, go back to a. We were a bunch of shallow dicks.

Until two billionaires with egos the size of mount kiliman-fucking-jaro decided to put a pause on a $46 million deal over two trees that were left off, mistakenly, on the survey.

You have, like, a complete... Memory, filled with so much. I had to, um... Defrag the old hard drives for the bar exam.

She... She is smelling me.

If you put it as your profession on your schedule c, you could probably write off the toilet paper.

I am a deal junkie.

I look like I'm going to, like, a pilgrim prom.

Don't make me choose Michael. You're not gonna like the answer.

All I wanted was cake.

I'm guessing that a few of these people hold some serious resentments. No joke. It's only human nature.

I can't even go to jail, without you bothering me.

These bags are our life, are you kidding me I can't leave them.

I wanna eat, go home, make sexy time, and work. Do you not wanna make sexy time with me?

Worst mother ever. He doesn't even wanna talk to me. Look. Look he's gonna dance with an iPad on his wedding day.

Don't be a pussy, Mike.

By reconnect you mean go full single white female on me before I've even cut the cake?

I'm pretty sure that the... The woman over there that looks like Sally Scissorhands... I'm pretty sure she's the stalker I never knew I had.

Production & Reception

On August 26, 2019 Variety announced that Majandra and her husband David Walton were cast as the leads in Sandy Sternshein's & Brad Riddell's feature directorial debut.

Filming began on September 9, 2019 and wrapped on October 4, 2019 in Chicago. It took 19 days to complete LATER DAYS before it went into post-production.

LATER DAYS cost a little over 1 million dollars and was produced by Sternshein's & Riddell's production company Wry Mash Media. Financiers Paul Hubbard, and The Chicago Media Angels will both serve as executive producers.

LATER DAYS was an official selection at Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival and premiered on March 20, 2021. It was available for purchase and viewing until March 30, 2021.

The film was featued at the San Diego International Film Festival from October 15 - 24, 2021 before being released in selected theaters and on demand on October 29, 2021.

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Majandra and David are married in real life. This is their third project together. They also appeared togehter in the web series "Quarterlife" and in the short film "Bent".
The director Brad Riddell appears in the film as an Uber driver.


Louis Prima - Enjoy Yourself It's Later Than You Think
John Lennon - I'm Stepping Out
Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days
Missing Persons - Destination Unknown
Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
David Bowie - Shake It (Let's Dance)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - If You Leave
Liquid Liquid - Cavern
Echo And The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar
Run DMC - It's Tricky
The Rival Sons - I Want More
The Replacements - Bastards of Young
New Order-True Faith
David Bowie - Modern Love
Goldroom - Yellow Flowers
The Bravery - No Brakes
Violent Femmes - Prove My Love
Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough