(Later Days) San Diego International Film Festival


Later Days will be featured at the San Diego International Film Festival from October 14th – 24th. You can buy tickets and passes already in case you haven’t seen the film back in March or you want to see it again. I can only recommend it. It was hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed Majandra in this role with her husband David.
The film will be available On-Demand from October 15th – 24th

United States / 1 hr and 29 min
Category: Feature, First Time Filmmaker
Genre: Comedy

Director: Brad Riddell and Sandy Sternshein
Producer(s): Brad Riddell & Sandy Sternshein, Rob Roediger, Paul Hubbard, The Chicago Media Angels
Screenwriter: Brad Riddell & Sandy Sternshein
Starring: David Walton (About a Boy, The New Girl), Majandra Delfino (Roswell, Friends with Better Lives), David Pasquesi (Veep, Lodge 49), Tim Kazurinsky (Saturday Night Live, Police Academy), Lisa Zane (Alex/October, Freddy’s Dead)

Synopsis: All Pam wants for her birthday is a nice meal, sexy time with her husband, Mike, and to get back to work trying to close the biggest deal of her life. Too bad Mike didn’t get the memo. Eager to recapture his high school glory days, Mike throws an 80s-themed surprise party for Pam, inviting everybody on Facebook, and they all show up – in costume – along with their old crushes, grudges, and nostalgic baggage.

Virtual Screening Theatre:
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