(Later Days) Podcast with the directors Sandy Sternshein & Brad Riddell


Making A $1,000,000 Feature Film Debut With Co-Directors Sandy Sternshein & Brad Riddell

Show Don’t Tell: Micro-Budget Filmmaking

Today I am joined by filmmaking duo Sandy Sternshein & Brad Riddell, here to talk about their feature directorial debut Later Days which was shot for just over $1MM and is currently gearing up for distribution.

For some quick background – Brad came up through the studio system, writing films like American Pie: Band Camp, and producing features for studios like Paramount, MTV & Universal. Sandy’s background is in the independent world, with writing credits on films like Pushing Forty and Back to the Grind (an upcoming project for Tony Hawk Productions). Both Sandy & Brad have also taught screenwriting for years and have collaborated since meeting in film school at USC.

Throughout the interview, we take a behind the scenes look at Later Days, exploring exactly how the film was pulled off from a creative and financial standpoint. We cover almost the entirety of the process, with special attention paid to development and fundraising. During this section, Sandy & Brad share some fantastic advice on raising money for a film, and outline each critical step they took along the way. All this and much more on today’s episode.


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