Do you know Majandra personally?
I had the pleasure of meeting Majandra a few times but I’m just a fan running a fansite on an actress I admire. Please, don’t send any personal messages for Majandra to me as I have no way of forwarding them to her.

Is this website official?
No. This website is an unofficial non-profit fansite.

Do you get paid to run this site?
No. MAD-Online is completely non-profit and ad-free. Should I ever decide to add Google ad banners to the site then it’s mainly to cover the costs of hosting, domain and getting material like magazines, DVDs and so on.

Can I promote your site with a link back on my social media?
Of course! It’s very much appreciated. The more people visit and enjoy the site the more motivated I am to keep it running and add new and exclusive material.

Am I allowed to repost the images from your photo archive onto my social media?
Of course! It would be amazing if you could give MAD-Online credit when using any of the images esp things like screencaptures since it’s a lot of work. .

I have pictures, scans, videos or other material of Majandra and would like to donate it to your site. How can I send it to you?
I’m always happy about donations in any form. If you have material that is not on the site yet you can use the contact form and then we can go from there. Please, keep in mind that anything offensive or anything that invades Majandra’s privacy won’t be posted.

What does stalkerazziefree mean?
I won’t be posting candids of Majandra in her personal time with her friends and family. The only candids you will be able to find on here are the ones of Majandra on set of her projects and going to or leaving a public event.

Are you going to post about Majandra’s personal life?
Unless it’s an official announcement or statement from Majandra or her management I won’t be posting any gossip/speculations on her personal life. This fansite is to promote Majandra’s professional life and career only.

Why are you not reposting all the images that Majandra posts on her social media?
I will repost images of Majandra with her co-stars while on set or hanging out together promoting the project but anything that is personal with her friends and family won’t be making it onto the site. I know that they are out there once she posts them but she can easily decide to delete those personal pictures at any time and I wouldn’t want to have them on here if she no longer wants them out there for the world to see.