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TV Guide on AOL welcomed actress Majandra Delfino to the AOL Live stage. Majandra chatted about her role as Maria on ‘Roswell,’ the new season premier and what to expect on the show this year. See what she had to say below!

TV Guide Online: Tonight we’re chatting with Majandra Delfino from ‘Roswell’ about the show and tonight’s season premiere on UPN. Hi, Majandra! Thanks for coming!
Majandra Delfino: Hey!

Question: Will anyone die, or anyone new joining the cast this season?
Majandra Delfino: There’s Adam Rodriguez joining, and no deaths that I know of.

Question: Were you surprised to learn there would be a third season?
Majandra Delfino: I tried not to think about it.

Question: Majandra ~ I was just wondering, do you think that the UPN atmosphere is different from The WB atmosphere? If so, why?
Majandra Delfino: The UPN is a lot more supportive of creativity, especially more supportive of Jason Katims. The UPN has also welcomed us in a very fantastic sort of way without any complaints, which, in my opinion, is a wonderful thing.

Question: How is this season different?
Majandra Delfino: This season it will be a lot more like Season 1, because The WB wasn’t on top of us during Season 1. So with UPN’s support, they’re going to let us go back to that.

Question: Which is more important to you, acting or singing?
Majandra Delfino: Acting is a cool job, but singing is the most important. Not singing, but writing songs and getting to sing them.

Question: Will you get a chance to sing on the show this season?
Majandra Delfino: Unfortunately, yes. I’m not a big fan of being just a voice to someone else’s songs, and I’m also not a fan of lending a song that I wrote to a person other than myself, which would be the character that I play. So I tend to feel a little too much like a puppet. But God bless Mariah Carey.

Question: When are you coming out with a CD of your music? I just love your songs. I listen to them all the time.
Majandra Delfino: They’re coming on Halloween. You can buy them at —

Question: From what I’ve heard of your music (which I love and am waiting for the CD), it is very personal. How do you feel about letting so much of yourself become public and up for criticism?
Majandra Delfino: I just don’t care! I think it is worse to be put out to the public as another character in someone else’s clothing, as another role model, than putting yourself out there as you are.

Question: Hi, I’m Luke from England. Do you have plans to release songs in England and the rest of Europe? I know you will be successful here, because ‘Roswell’ is so popular in Britain.
Majandra Delfino: Everyone around the world will be able to buy my CD online.

Question: What is the CD called?
Majandra Delfino: So far it is untitled, but I think it will be called ‘The Sticks.’

Question: What kind of music do you like? Do like rock, and which bands?
Majandra Delfino: I like Portis Head and Nine Inch Nails and Bjork and the Beatles… and the list goes on!

Question: How would you describe your music?
Majandra Delfino: I would describe it as influenced by the people I mentioned, but I’ll leave it up to everyone else to categorize it.

Question: What is your favorite quote from any episode of ‘Roswell,’ either one you’ve said or someone else? — Jessica, Tennessee
Majandra Delfino: “Topolsky’s a plant,” because it is funny to me, and it always sounded like they meant that she was an actual plant in a planter.

Question: Are we going to see more of Maria and Michael’s relationship?
Majandra Delfino: Not yet. There’s not a lot of Maria and Michael, period. This has been more of a Isabel season.

Question: What do you want to do with yourself next? If your singing career flourishes, will you leave acting?
Majandra Delfino: Yes. Yes, I would focus on singing as much as possible and would still love to take roles that, in my opinion, are great.

Question: Hey, Majandra!! I love all your songs, and your voice is awesome. I just wanted to ask you, what you do when you’re not filming ‘Roswell’?
Majandra Delfino: I go to Whittier and work on my CD.

Question: Were you more of the geek or of the popular group in school?
Majandra Delfino: I went to a really great school that being popular just meant you were easygoing, fun and creative. But I was definitely on the popular side, but rarely ever attended school. I had family that believed that sleep is the most important thing, so that’s what I was doing.

Question: Majandra, I was wondering if you had any pets — cats, dogs?
Majandra Delfino: I have a pet, but it’s a human being.

Question: Hi, Majandra, do you get recognized a lot in public? And if so, then have you had any weird encounters?
Majandra Delfino: I have weird Internet encounters, but in person, nobody ever recognizes me. I will be out with a costar and they will get asked for their autograph, and they will start talking about my character right in front of me, not even realizing.

Question: How did you happen upon the role for ‘The Learning Curve’?
Majandra Delfino: I was 16 and auditioned for it. I thought it was a funny role, because the character was a sellout, the kind of singer that I myself despise.

Question: That’s sad — but if I were there, I would recognize you, I swear! I was wondering, do you get to keep the clothes from the ‘Roswell’ set? They’re cool!
Majandra Delfino: I could, but I don’t necessarily want to.

Question: Hi, Majandra — what do you admire most about your character?
Majandra Delfino: I would say I admire her persistence, and anybody who can put up with Michael has some sort of amazing tolerance!

Question: So, having both a musical and acting career, if you had to give advice for any “fame” hopefuls, what would you say?
Majandra Delfino: Don’t get into it for the fame, and if it is the craft that you are interested in, you better be a person who handles rejection well. Because after you get a job, you’ll just start to see how kids get on the Internet and talk bad about you. So rejection is the recurring theme.

Question: Anything you can tell us about tonight’s ep that won’t give too much away? 😉
Majandra Delfino: It is very dangerous, there’s a lot of change, and people are really starting to become the fickle teenagers we all were once upon a time.

TV Guide Online: Thanks, Majandra! Had a great time and can’t wait for tonight’s episode (and your CD)! Please come back and talk again soon!
Majandra Delfino: Thank you guys so much for coming and for being patient with my B.S.!

TV Guide Online: Don’t miss tonight’s season premiere at 9PM ET on UPN! And for Majandra’s CD, go to


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