Pisces – Feb 19 – Mar 20: The Fish
Keyword: "I Believe"
In the cycle after Aquarius, which is one of unity and consensus and sharing of thoughts, comes the time to retire and integrate knowledge into feeling and faith. This is the domain of the hermit and the monk, who after assimilating too much knowledge became confused and troubled. This is symbolic of Pisces inner turmoil, with the two sides of an argument, or the 2 fish set against each other. The effect is one of self undoing because the native takes positions that are inherently contradictory to each other. According to Valens:

"Pisces is a feminine zoidion … opposed to itself because of being both in the south and in the north … Those so born are inconstant, of two minds, those who change from bad to good, erotic, servile, licentious, prolific, popular."

In contrast to the other sign administered to by Jupiter, which is about seeing, this sign is about believing, faith, and sacrifice. At the beginning of the last zodiacal age which was Pisces about 2000 years ago, the birth of Christianity took place. There the sacrificial ram(end of the Aries age) gave way to becoming "fishers of men" searching for lost souls to bring to Christ. Modern definitions of Pisces are that they often feel lost or confused, are hypersensitive, empathetic and devoted. This is a good match with what Valens said.