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Episode Guide

1.01 Pilot: Dave tries to make a connection with his office crush; Inger tries Internet dating; Jonathan tries to make friends at a coffeehouse.

1.02 The Mattress: When the therapy group turns Bill's challenge back on him, he breaks into Anne's house to reclaim their mattress.
Role: Lucy
Genre: Sitcom
Country: USA
Network: ABC
Running Time: 30 min
Production Company: Pointy Bird Productions, Tire Fire Productions, Regency Television, Fox Television Studios
Created by: Jennifer Konner, Alexandra Rushfield
Produced by: Alex Reid, Jennifer Konner, Alexandra Rushfield
Directed by: Brian Dannelly (1.01), Peter Lauer (1.02)
Written by: Jennifer Konner & Alexandra Rushfield (1.01), Alex Reid (1.02)
Air Date: September 26, 2006 (1.01), October 3, 2006 (1.02)
Cast: Ted Danson, Jere Burns, Darlene Hunt, Charlie Finn, Suzy Nakamura, Jim Rash, Jane Kaczmarek

About the Character

Lucy is a temp at the firm that Dave works at and a little bit weird and maybe somewhat crazy. She is also someone who doesn't really care about what people think of her and is blunt and very direct and says what's on her mind even if that is admitting that she wants to kill everyone in the office. She is also a bad influence on Dave which he doesn't seem to mind since being with her makes him feel like the normal one.


The series was pulled from the schedule on December 14, 2006 after 9 episodes.
On May 15, 2007, ABC canceled the series after one season with 4 epsiodes unaired.
The series was a single-camera sitcom.
Majandra, Lindsay Sloane (who played Ted Danson's daughter) and Charlie Finn (who played Dave) were later cast in ABC's comedy pilot "Pulling". Sadly, the series didn't get picked up.

Best Quotes

You jumping out of that window was like the only good thing that's happened in the whole 3 months that I've been temping at this suck-ass office.

(1.01 Pilot)

You totally rock. The whole poisoning everyone in the office thing, I mean, I just fantasize about killing everyone in the office. You actually try and do it.

(1.02 The Mattress)

I don't wanna hear it. It will only diminish you in my eyes.

(1.02 The Mattress)

He gotta shot you with a riffle. Keep moving, barf-ass.

(1.02 The Mattress)

Can you believe they gave a key to the temp? Suckers!

(1.02 The Mattress)

I ate all the tropical fish in the aquarium.

(1.02 The Mattress)

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